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Letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California): Courts and Sanctuary Cities Sit Idly By As Illegal Aliens Kill Americans

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)
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Courts and Sanctuary Cities Sit Idly By As Illegal Aliens Kill Americans

President Barack Obama
Sen. Dianne Feinstein
Sen. Barbara Boxer

May 6, 2010

Tessa Tranchant was 16 years old when she was struck and killed by a drunk illegal alien who had been arrested twice already but never deported. Denver police officer Don Young was executed by an illegal alien who had been arrested and released on three prior occasions. In Los Angeles, a promising student athlete named Jamil Shaw was killed by an illegal alien who had been arrested previously and then released instead of being deported. And the list goes on an on.

Unfortunately, neither the US Government nor the states track illegal alien crime against Americans. The only way to get a flavor for how bad the situation has become is by doing research on your own. If you attempt this, you may find that you have to dig however. That's because the mainstream press often leaves out information regarding the immigration status of criminals in the stories they write.

Sadly, every one of the people mentioned above would still be alive if the government would enforce immigration laws. Courts routinely fail to check the immigration status of people who come before them. And sanctuary cities don't ask the immigration status of even those they arrest. Los Angeles is a classic example of this. LA police have been ordered not to ask for immigration status from anyone.

But sanctuary cities have sprung up all over the country and have the support of the mayors of some of America's largest cities.Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, San Francisco's Mayor Gavin Newsome, Mayor Gordon of Phoenix, Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mayor John Hickenlooper of Denver. All of these men have refused to enforce US law and are traitors to their oaths of office and their constituents. Because of this, they are also accomplices in the carnage mentioned above.

But illegal aliens seem to have the upper hand, getting support even from members of Congress. When Ray Tranchant, Tessa Tranchant's father, testified before congress less than a month ago, he was understandably upset. Behind his stood an easel with a picture of his daughter perched upon it. Tranchant referred to people listed in ICE's database of illegal aliens with criminal records as "Banditos". For that, he received strong rebuke from Rep. Louis Gutierrez (D-IL); an activist for illegal alien rights.

Gutierrez is trying to have Congress repeal or limit 287 enforcement. 287 is a section of the immigration law that trains local police departments in immigration enforcement and then has them turn over violators of immigration law to ICE agents for deportation. Gutierrez toldTranchant that his view "does not help to solve the problem."

Later in the hearings, when some members of Gutierrez' committee appeared to be siding with American citizens and our rights, Gutierrez told members that they were "missing the point". He went on to say, "What I have seen, unfortunately, is the will to target and to victimize and to scapegoat a community of people." I have seen that readily here. It makes for great political points but it doesn't solve the problem and would not have saved your daughter's life."

Excuse me? How can anyone make the claim that an illegal alien would have had the opportunity to kill Tranchant's daughter if he had been deported immediately after his first arrest? But Gutierrez is obviously more interested in offering amnesty to a large group of people that he hopes will eventually become citizens and Democrats than he is in protecting the interests of tax paying Americans.

At the hearing Gutierrez also said, "This Congress and the government of the United States has not shown the political will nor committed the requisite resources to enforcethe immigration law." Notably, he left out "the American People".

Perhaps that's because poll after poll shows that We The People want our immigration laws enforced.

So maybe its time for us to fire all of the buffoons in Congress and the Government of the United States who are show such distain for the will of the people.

We'll have the chance to start this process in less than two years when the 2010 elections roll around.

byJim Malmberg

Don't forget November is closer than you think..
Congress gets reelected 95% of the time.

REAL change is...

This site maintains that it is bad for our country if any politician holds any seat too long.

Entire site..very large..

My name is Nelson Lee Walker, of .

My site is dedicated to saving our Republic from the professional politicians who dominate Congress. Presidents come and go, but Congress, regardless of party, is reelected forever, damn the Constitution, damn the people, and damn term limits.

Congress is at the heart of all the problems our country faces.

The only way to dislodge the career politicians from Congress is to change the way the American people vote for Congress. This is how we can do it:

There now exists thousands of bloggers who agree that our Congress is corrupt, and who blog daily about this sad state of affairs. I want to enlist this huge crowd of active bloggers to do one easy, specific thing for their country: Please place the following directive in a permanent prominent location on your blog (in bold caps):


If we can convince enough Americans to vote this way, repeatedly, it is the one infallible, unstoppable way to produce a bloodless, nonpartisan, political revolution as important as 1776.

It would give us de facto voter-imposed single term limits, without the need for an amendment! It would give us an instantaneous citizen Congress. And it takes effect on Election Day!

All that is required is that every blogger place those ten words in a prominent permanent location on his blog page. Voila! Millions of impressions to voters every day. It will have a growing effect on every coming election.

While you're at it, convince all other bloggers you can reach, to do the same. You don't need to expand on your reasons for doing so, but every supporting essay helps to convince the fence-sitters.

Or what's a blogger for? (


Starting in the last half of the 20th century, Americans have become ever more cynical and apathetic in their attitude toward election politics. 50% of us, fully one half , of Americans don't vote. And to make things worse, those who do vote, continue to blindly reelect Congress at a 95% reelection rate, regardless of the corruption, bad fiscal policies, and awful laws which are enacted.

All is not lost however. It is possible to use this huge army of disgruntled non-voters to rejuvenate our Congress and our country. All we have to do is convince them of a winning issue they would very much want to vote on.

There are at least three aspects of this situation, which "we the people" can and should exploit:

First, 'we the people' still have the vote , let's use it;
Second, fifty percent of us are turned off, and don't vote, which amounts to a powerful constituency;
Third, this non-voting 50%, all by themselves, acting together, could throw ALL the bums out!

In any given Congressional election, if all the usual non-voters voted, and only for challengers, the challengers would sweep the field.

The very powerful motivator in those three points is that a great many of those people who don't vote are people who hate the professional politicians and the system, and, if and when they did vote, would vote almost unanimously for such things as Term Limits, Balanced Budgets, No Earmarks, etc, etc.

Therefore, we must wake up that sleeping giant called 'non-voters', and get THEM to realize that
they and they alone have the power to make an earthshaking difference in American political history.

Simply by voting a solid NEVER REELECT ticket, regardless of party, they would cause a revolution rivalling 1776.

An interesting and attractive feature of this strategy is that it makes no difference which party, or which issue, or which candidate, these returning non-voters voted for, so long as they actually voted, and only for challengers, NOT for any ANY INCUMBENT. In effect, they would be creating a "voter-imposed term limit", on a one-term Congress.

If enough of those 50% non-voters got this message and decided to vote, even if "regular" voters didn't change their bad "reelection" voting habits, there would be a flood of rejected long-termers out of the Congress. America would be changed immediately and forever. Never again would professional politicians ignore voters in favor of reelection by the special interests. And we might finally get some constitutional amendment proposals, such as for term limits and balanced budgets.

In fact, that might spell the beginning of the end of career politicians in Congress.

However...the missing ingredient for such a strategy of course is the advertising money that would be required to reach and arouse those 'non-voters'. Since most 'non-voters' probably don't even listen to the "main stream media", it will take special efforts to even get in touch with them.

If any of you who see or hear this message know of any 'deep-pocket' individuals or organizations who might be interested in trying this particular tactic of rousing that huge group of non-voters to come out at least once or twice to show that it will work to "throw the bums out", please bring this idea to their attention.

I'm Nelson Lee Walker of

Corning , CA