Congressional Legislation Details
'To prevent the Federal Communications Commission from repromulgating the fairness doctrine. '
Bill # H.R.2905
06/28/2007: Referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.
07/31/2007: Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR H9188)
10/03/2007: Sponsor introductory remarks on measure. (CR H11174)

Committee/Subcommittee Activity:
Energy and Commerce: Referral, In Committee
Communications and Technology: Referral

No amendments.

Sponsors (Primary *) 205:


Broadcaster Freedom Act of 2007 - Amends the Communications Act of 1934 to prohibit the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), notwithstanding any other provision of any Act, from having the authority to require broadcasters to present opposing viewpoints on controversial issues of public importance, commonly referred to as the Fairness Doctrine.
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